Paris 1600 — Source d’Amour / Source of love

The art of the highly cultivated French "Airs de Cour" at the beginning of the Baroque.

A sequel to the Program, Paris 1529

Running parallel to the Elizabethan Golden Age of Lute Song, the blooming of the French "Airs de Cour" is mysteriously less known and appreciated. The music is delicate, refined, expressive and flexible, according to the particular demands of the poetry and French diction. Approximately three-times as many Airs de Cour were composed between 1580 and 1620 as English lute songs during the same period. There are magical love songs such as "Eau vive, source d'Amour" from Gabrielle Bataille, drinking songs such as "Qui veut chasser" (get rid of a headache by drinking!), and highly artful works by the "Dowland" of this genre, Pierre Guedron.


Joel Frederiksen – Bass, lute and musical direction
Axelle Bernage – Soprano
Stephan Van Dyck – Tenor
Sven Schwannberger – Lute, flutes, countertenor
Domen Marincic – Viola da Gamba

David Skudliken-fr