I seriously doubt that I will hear another recording this year which will come close to matching the power and grace of Requiem for a Pink Moon. ...if there is such a thing as a flawless album, this Requiem is certainly it.


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Ensemble Phoenix Munich (EPM) was established in 2003 by Joel Frederiksen, an early music specialist, after moving to Munich, Germany. Since 2007, the group has presented a concert series in Munich at the Bavarian National Museum and performed at leading international festivals. EPM recorded four successful CDs with harmonia mundi France and now records for SONY/DHM.

EPMs programing reflects the wide-ranging experience and interests of its founder and director, Joel Frederiksen, presenting music from the European Renaissance and Baroque (c1500-1650) to Early America (c1640-1860). The ensemble has also commissioned new works from contemporary composers.

The focus of artistic director Joel Frederiksen is on innovative and original programming based on careful research. The ensemble regularly performs from original facsimiles, uses historical instruments and tunings appropriate to country and time period, and adheres as closely as possible to recent research regarding all aspects of interpretation. At the same time, the ultimate goal in performance is meaningful communication with the audience. Ensemble Phoenix Munich programs are engaging and seek, to use the Baroque expression, to reach and to move the "affections" of the listeners.


  • ECHO Klassik 2013: For the CD Requiem for a Pink Moon,Category "Classics without limits". Echo Klassik Website
  • L'ORPHÉE D'OR (Golden Orpheus): Joel Frederiksen receives the critic’s prize, 2011, Prix Martti Talvela
  • German Record Critics Prize: For the CD O felice morire in 2008
  • Classical Musician of the Year: From Munich's Evening News (Abendzeitung) Joel Frederiksen received this prestigious award in 2008.
  • BEST OF 2007: Record of the Year List from CLASSICSTODAY.COM and AUDIOPHILE AUDITION for the CD The Elfin Knight

Selected list of Festivals and Venues where EPM has performed: The Flanders Festival, Ghent and Brugge, Belgium * The Wallonie Festival, Namur, Belgium * Innsbruck Early Music Festival, Austria * Palau de la música, Valencia, Spain * Teatro Jovellanos, Gijon, Spain * St. Galler Festspiele, St. Gallen, Switzerland * The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, Denmark * Vendsyssel Festival, Denmark * Les Concerts Parisiens, Paris, France * New Masters of Early Music Concert Series, Munich, Germany * Prague Spring International Music Festival, Czech Republic * Strings of Autumn International Music Festival, Prague, Czech Republic * Prague Symphony Orchestra Early Music Concert Series, Czech Republic * Janacek May Festival, Ostrava, Czech Republic * Znojmo Music Festival, Czech Republic * Varazdin Baroque Days, Varazdin, Croatia * Bratislava International Music Festival, Slovakia * Akbank Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey * Music in Old Krakow Festival, Krakow, Poland * Mikolow Music Days, Poland * Noorderkerkconcerten, Amsterdam, Netherlands