Paris 1706 — Au nom de l’amour / In the name of love

Dramatic cantatas of the French Baroque

In 1706 the first volume of French cantatas appeared on the market from Jean-Baptiste Morin (1677–1754). The French sought to imitate the Italian cantata style but wanted to make it their own with flexible speech patterns and elegance. The result is highly expressive music on timeless themes such as the story of Don Quijote, from Morin’s first book, for bass to the accompaniment of violin, flute, and basso continuo. Further works by Michel Pignolet de Monteclair, Marin Marais, and Louis-Nicolas Clérambault with Flûte allemande and violin as obligato instruments will be performed. The program begins with beautiful, filigrane continuo songs of Sebastian le Camus and Michel Lambert. This program is the third of a trilogie of French music, beginning with Paris 1529, the date of the  first lute tabluature published in France by Pierre Attaingnant and continuing with Paris 1600, the time when French Air de cour bloomed.


Joel Frederiksen – Bass, archlute
Axelle Bernage – Soprano
Marion Treupel-Franck— Flûte allemande
Kumiko Yamauchi—Violin
Domen Marincic – Viola da Gamba
Olga Watts—Cembalo
Axel Wolf—Theorbe

David Skudliken-fr