Paris 1529 — Pierre Attaingnant and the early French chanson

Three voice chanson from the Renaissance, sung in old French with elements of improvisation

Pierre Attaingnant was a book seller, music printer, publisher, arranger and possibly composer. From 1529-1552 he brought out more than 50 collections of songs. This concert focuses on the first collection of French lute tablature to be printed: Trés bréves et familiere introduction. Each chanson is printed here twice, once in a lute solo version and on the facing page as a solo song with lute accompaniment. Titles such as Amy souffrez, Dolent depart, and Fortuna, laissez moy la vie continued to be printed and arranged throughout the Renaissance. The spirit improvisation was in the air, and in this spirit we not only embellish the chanson using historical sources as guides, but also take liberties that go far beyond including incorporating the delicate use of soprano saxophone into a fine mix of old an new. 

Joel Frederiksen – Bass, lute and musical direction
Bernd Oliver Fröhlich – Tenor, saxophone (Vienna)
Axelle Bernage – Soprano (Tours, France)
Sven Schwannberger – Lute, flute, countertenor (Basel)

Joel Frederiksenen-fr