Non é tempo - 500 Years of Frottole

Songs of the Italian Renaissance at the beginning of the 16th century

Two years after the first printed tablature for lute appeared in 1507—Intabulatura de Lauto with music from Francesco Spinacino—Ottaviano dei Petrucci published a collection of „frottole“ for solo voice and lute in 1509. Frottole were characterised by strong melodies, regular rhythms and mostly homophonic textures. They were often written for four voices or some flexible combination of viola da gambas, lutes and singers. Their affect is charming, entertaining and often moving.  Songs from the most famous composers in the genre will be presented: Marco Cara (1475–1525) and Bartholomeo Tromboncino (1470–1535). The pieces are heart-felt expressions of love as a fight in „A la guerra“ or with texts by the great master Petrarca about the passing to Spring in „Zefiro spira“. Instrumental pieces by „Il Divino, Francesco da Milano (1497–1543), und dances by Francesco Spinacino (fl after 1507) round out this entertaining concert.

Performers: Sabine Lutzenberger — soprano, recorder / Kamila Mazalová — alto / Giovanni Cantarini — tenor / Joel Frederiksen — bass, lute, musical direction / Sven Schwannberger — lute, flutes / Domen Marinčič – viola da gamba

David Skudliken-it