Passio - Baroque Laments for the Passion of Christ

Eva Saladin, Baroque Violin

Eva Saladin, Baroque Violin

Barocke Rarities at the time of Fasting

Lamentationes of Johann Christoph Bach and Johann Rosenmüller

Rosenkranz-Sonatas from Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

Works of stunning virtuosity for Solo Bass and Solo Violin from the German Baroque; music that might appear to be less known, but pieces that in professional circles are regarded as high points in the art of sacred chamber music.

Included are settings of the Laments of the Prophet Jeremiah from the pen of Johann Rosenmüller, whose mystical soundscape shows archaic-biblical traces.

Completly different, but not less striking are the laments of Johann Christoph Bach, a relative of Johann Sebastian Bach, where solo voice and solo violin underline the grief and pain of the text dramtically.

As third high-point of the program are a selection of Rosenkranz Sonatas by the violin virtuoso and Hofkapellmeister in Salzburg, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. His revolutionary compositional style for violin - Highly virtuosic, double-stop techniques and "scordatura" (various tunings) - paved the way for Bach's solo violin works. The so-called Rosenkranz sonatas are 15 violin sonatas over the stations of the cross, the joyful, painful, and glorious rosary, every sonata in a new, unusual tuning, presenting a major challenge for every soloist.

Performers: Joel Frederiksen — Bass, Archlute / Eva Saladin — Baroque Violin / Christoph Eglhuber — Theorbo / Michael Eberth — Organ