Aus der Tiefe - The Bass in the German Baroque

Out of the Deep

Out of the Deep with Michael Schopper, Bass. Photo: Thomas Zwillinger

The expressivity and flexibiliy of the bass voice was seemingly a new discovery at the outset of the Baroque. Duets and solos for two basses together - in harmony and friendly competition with one another - form the heart of this program of works by Schütz, Tunder, Rosenmüller, and Buxtehude.

Performers: Prof. Kammersänger Michael Schopper — Bass / Joel Frederiksen — Bass, Archlute / Yuna Lee — Violin / Theona Gubba-Chkheidze — Violin / Axel Wolf — Theorbo / Michael Wersin — Organ / Domen Marincic — Viola da Gamba