Tell me true love

Songs and Instrumental Pieces of John Dowland (1563-1626)

Sony/DHM (2016)

Songs full of melancholy and songs of love’s joys and pains composed by the “Orpheus of England”, John Dowland, have lost none of their immediacy and poignancy since the Renaissance. Joel Frederiksen accompanies his deep, expressive bass voice on the lute, and is aided by an expert ensemble of viols and lutes, to shape this exquisite program of vocal and instrumental works.

Tell me true Love where shall I seeke thy being, in thoughts or words, in vowes or promise making? (John Dowland, A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612)

„Dowland’s songs remain as timeless as the emotions they portray and the questions they ask. Whether platonic love for a Queen or earthly love expressed in desire and double-entendres, the search for true love, unspoiled and pure, which has occupied poets and employed composers for centuries, has certainly not reached its end.“ JF CD Booklet Text

Performers: Joel Frederiksen, Bass, Lute, Direction / Ziv Braha, Lute / Ryosuke Sakamoto, Lute, Viola da Gamba / Alexandra Polin, Viola da Gamba / Elizabeth Rumsey, Viola da Gamba / Domen Marinčič, Viola da Gamba

David Skudlik