Munich 1523 - Ludwig Senfl under Duke Wilhelm IV.

 Ludwig Senfl (c. 1490-1543) entered the service of Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1523 and built the Munich Court Chapel (Hofkapelle) - according to Martin Luther - into one of the most famous in Europe. In addition to Senfl's Missa dominicalis L'homme armé, which was probably written for the entry of Emperor Charles V in Munich on June 10, 1530, motets, German songs and intonations show the full range of this Munich court composer's impressive skills. Improvisations by the musicians on themes of Senfl build bridges and prove how inspiring his music is today.

Performers: Sabine Lutzenberger — soprano, recorder / Bernd Oliver Fröhlich — tenor, saxophone / Timothy Leigh Evans — tenor, percussion / Michael Eberth — Clavicytherium / Joel Frederiksen — bass, lute, direction