Cynthia’s Shining Sphere with Dame Emma Kirkby

Music from Henry Purcell and John Blow with the Grand Dame of Early Music, Emma Kirby

Photo: Wouter V. Vaerenbergh

Photo: Wouter V. Vaerenbergh

As with John Dowland, Henry Purcell (1659-95) was known by his contemporaries as "Orpheus britannicus". In a sadly short life-span of only 36 years he managed to compose an incredible amount of work, making him the most important English composer of his generation. Purcell's over 100 songs and 42 duets show his sensitive text setting and his high art with the english language. We owe him thanks for producing the first great opera in England, Dido and Aeneas.

Sometimes humorous, at other times deeply moving works by Henry Lawes (1595-1662) and John Blow (1649-1708), a teacher of Henry Purcell, give us an overview of music in England between Dowland and Purcell. Emma Kirkby interprets solos and duets with bass, Joel Frederiksen.

Performers: Emma Kirkby — soprano / Joel Frederiksen — bass, archlute / Axel Wolf — theorbo, archlute / Domen Marinčič — viola da gamba

David Skudliken-en