The Flaming Fire — Scottish, Irish, and English music with gambist Hille Perl

Ballads and Dances from Scotland, Ireland and England by Thomas Campion, Henry Purcell and in new versions on the theme of fire

Like threads, images of fire are sewn together through the poetry in these pieces of this program, creating a rich tapestry. Fire warms, it burns and it can destroy. At the center is the Scottish song, "The Flaming Fire", where all of the qualities of fire are addressed, including the most effective method to quench it, water! Music from Robert Johnson, a lutenist/composer who worked closely with Shakespeare, Henry Purcell, the greatest of the English Baroque songwriters, arrangements by Joel Frederiksen and original works by Marthe Perl complete the program.

“Every lover is a warrior; love is all fire” Norman O. Brown

Performers: Hille and Marthe Perl — viola da gamba / Timothy Leigh Evans — tenor / Joel Frederiksen — bass, lute, direction

David Skudliken-en