Reflections — Oswald von Wolkenstein newly interpreted

Music of the Middle Ages in the mirror of the present (Recording SONY 2013: Reflektionen)

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He is one of the best-documented personalities of the Middle Ages: The Tyrolean Oswald von Wolkenstein, born sometime between 1376 and 1378, was a musician, diplomat and knight, a poet and "top arranger". With the keenness and inspiration of an accomplished singer-songwriter, he wove music he had heard on his numerous journeys throughout Europe, together with his own compositional and textual ideas. This is how, for example, his monodic song In Suria ain braiten hal, came to be composed on a pilgrimage through the Holy Land. In his hands, the carefree Burgundian love song La plus jolie et la plus belle becomes a rant on North Italian Lombardy. In this program, the artists place Wolkenstein's songs and models in a contemporary musical context, following the example of Wolkenstein himself! While following historical performance criteria, they strectch the boundaries of interpretation through a combination of free improvisation and carefully planned deviations from the sources. No two performances are the same!

Performers: Sabine Lutzenberger – soprano / Bernd Oliver Fröhlich – tenor, saxophone / Joel Frederiksen – bass, lute

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Joel Frederiksenen-special