Rebal Alkhodari

Born in Damascus in 1988 Rebal Alkhodari graduated in Oriental music from the Syrian National Conservatory in 2010 with a major specialization in Oriental Singing and minor in Oud and Piano. He ranked number one in the Best Voices Competition organized by the Arab Academy of Music and USEK University and number two in "best impromptu singing" in the 17th Arabic music festival in Cairo.

In 2011 he started working with the Jordanian National Music Conservatory as the head of "Oriental Singing" and the conductor of the conservatory choir "Ammon Choir".

He has performed in more than 30 countries and in festivals including the Jarash festival in 2013, Alexandria in 2011, Tripoli festival in 2014, Qatar and Germany in 2014, Maqam Festival in 2009, Jazz live in Syria in 2009, Morgenland 2010 , and Amman Arab Festival 2011.

He has also performed solo Arabic singing with many Orchestras including the Syrian Symphony Orchestra, Amman Orchestra symphony and Cairo Orchestra symphony.

Rebal first appeared with Ensemble Phoenix Munich in 2015 as part of the concert “Love’s Triumph”. The program, now known as “What the world needs now…” was released in May 2018 on CD and is available on our website (Shop) or from the Sarband Ensemble Website (

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