Axelle Bernage

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After studies of violin and history of art, she began singing at the conservatory of Grenoble, in France. Very quickly she discovered early music thanks to Nicolas Strosser and Arnaud Pumir. In 1999 she entered to the Supérior Conservatory of Lyon where she joined the classe of Marie-Claude Vallin in the early music department. Graduated in 2003 with the congratulations of the jury, she is quickly brought to perform with many famous ensembles, such as Doulce Mémoire, Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse, Akademia, Diabolus in Musica, La Grande Chapelle, Le Parlement de Musique, Jacques Moderne, Inalto, Clement Janequin, le Parnasse Français.

For 15 years she is a regular member of Huelgas Ensemble, acclaimed and recognized by music critics as one of the most prestigious early music ensembles. She is also passionated about Renaissance dances, poetry and theater, and participates in many projects where she is responsible for scénography and singing. She also works in several structures to promote early prononciation, déclamation and rhetoric.

Programs with Ensemble Phoenix Munich:

- Paris 1529, 1600 and 1706

- Brancaccio and the sensuos-virtuosic art of the Three Ladies of Ferrara

David Skudlik